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21st August 2014

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21st August 2014

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where can I uninstall my period

i think if you download pregnancy it blocks it for a few months but then you get a really annoying loud pop up that doesn’t go away for 18 years



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19th August 2014

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jonku pitäis tehdä suomalaisista suosituista postauksista se uus trendijuttupaskamikälie jollekin salkkareille tai muumeille tai mikä nyt vittu onkaan suomalaista

tosin kaikki suomalaiset tekstipostaukset on pääasiassa sanan vittu eri muotoja

hetkinen nehän on kaikki mun

hhööhööhöö olenpas ovela mulkvisti

en tajunnu täst tekstist yhtään mitään. nyt mietin onko vika minussa








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19th August 2014

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A list of Finnish words that tell you something about Finnish culture




- Kekkuloida = to prance around or just hang out naked (yes, the word includes the presumption that you are naked)

- Örveltää = to be really drunk and do whatever you do when you’re really drunk, like crawling in a ditch somewhere on all fours

- Perskärpänen (literally “ass fly”) = a person who keeps following you without you wanting them to

- Röhnöttää = to sit with a bad posture or lie around because you are bored, lazy, or tired 

- Paskahalvaus (literally “shit paralysis”) = the state of being really fucking scared or startled

- Änkyrä = a person who’s very reluctant to change their own, usually backwards and bigoted views

- Änkyröidä = a verb derived from the previous noun

- Raivoraitis (literally “rage sober”) = a person who never drinks alcohol and might be very passionate about it

- Yrmy = a person who’s always grumpy or angry

- Perskannikka (literally “ass end-of-a-loaf-of-bread”) = a slang word for “buttock”

- Vongata = repeatedly and annoyingly ask for sex from someone who’s not interested (i.e. to be a Nice Guy)

- Könsikäs = a big, handsome, masculine man

- Puliukko = a man who spends most of his time wandering about drunk, smells bad, and might be homeless

Feel free to add to the list. :D

- Häntäheikki (Heikki (a man) with a tail) = a man who fucks a lot of different women (and it’s bad)

- Kusisukka (piss sock) = someone who’s so scared that they have pee in their socks

- Jänishousu (rabbit pants) = a scared person too

- Pissis, devired from Pissa Liisa (piss Lisa) = young woman, from teenagers to twenties, who is so drunk they piss in bushes in public

- Kyylätä = to stare someone, maybe continuoysly

- Hukassa (in wolf) = something is lost in somewhere.

- Hepuli, Hepuloida = to have a nervous fit, like when you are waiting to hear news of something important and you cannot keep the feelings it causes inside of yourself

- Piehtaroida = to roll on ground. but if you say Piehtaroida Heinissä, to roll on hays, you are actually meaning that someone is having sex (in hay. you can leave it out too and just say piehtaroida).

- Hosua = to be clumsy and to make mistakes in moments when you need to be quick, or try to be quick

- Vastarannankiiski, vastarannan kiiski (a ruffe of the opposite side of the sea) = person who argues (negatively) about everything, think differently than rest of the people (like you need to go to the left and they’re all ‘no i say we go to the right just because’)

- Matti kukkarossa (to have a Matti (mattheus??) in the wallet) = you have little to nothing in your wallet

- Kepulipeli (kepuli game) = someone isn’t playing with the rules, are cheating

- Pilipali = a thing can be pilipali, when it gets broken easily (when it shouldn’t), is cheap, is pirated and nonauthentic

- Morso = the death of the children and their dreams; raiser of all demons from hell; the one you shouldn’t mess with it; the one you don’t want to see angry; the soulless one; the friend of the dunce; the friend of the cat; the satanic doll of nightmares

- Möllöttää = to stare for a long time (rudely) or hang around doing nothing

- Rutjake = a lazy fat person who lies around doing nothing, usually a man

- Pöhnä = being drunk or very tired

- Hutikka = humala. Drunk.

- Perssilmä = asshole, (ass-eye???) can be used as an insult or when talking about, you know, assholes.

- Pyöriä kuin puolukka pillussa = (twirl around like a lingonberry in a pussy) run around disturbing other people with your shit and being useless

- Häseltää = run around being useless and making a fuss

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19th August 2014

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19th August 2014

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This is a weird trilogy

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7th August 2014

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7th August 2014

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if u don’t think music is important u need to remember that 13 dwarves convinced bilbo baggins to rob a dragon just by singing about it

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7th August 2014

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will you marry me = a marriage proposal
will, you, Mary, me = a foursome proposal

Will you, Mary me = Cavewoman Mary helps Will recover from his Amnesia

Will, you marry me. = Will’s time-traveling partner

And people keep trying to tell me that punctuation isn’t important

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6th August 2014

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2nd August 2014

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game of thrones would kill off characters from other shows if they could

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2nd August 2014

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color memeoberyn  martell + light colors (requested by rhllors)

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2nd August 2014

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Hoàng Tiến Quyết, via Surface to Structure.

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1st August 2014

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trying to figure out someone else’s shower


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1st August 2014

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